About Us

We build brands and develop meaningful products. We are brand owner of one of the fastest growing international baby brands - NatureBond

Building A Global Baby Brand

At the core of all our designs and products, it has always been about people – our children, and most importantly, what we can provide for them, how we can make them feel better and happier.

“NatureBond” symbolizes the love we have for our little ones. This naturally gives rise to the iconic logo of our brand – A heart and our precious little one. We believe that with better quality products, we are then enabled to spend better quality time with our family and loved ones.


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E-Commerce & Digital Transformation

From global channels management to digital transformation, we partner with the largest e-commerce companies like Amazon and Alibaba in transforming physical retail storefronts to digital storefronts. We are recognized by Amazon as the top e-commerce enabler from Singapore.

  • Research & analytics
  • Strategy & positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Channels management
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Digital enabler